Hargo is a high value construction management firm focused on delivering accurate, consistent and reliable services to owners, developers, architects, engineers and contractors in the global market. Our services can be tailored to meet the requirements of each client and individual project from planning and design through procurement and construction. Our primary services focus on total cost of ownership and feasibility studies, benchmarking, estimating, cost management and scheduling. We are flexible in providing these services either as on-site representation and management or remote consultation.

When it comes to understanding the construction market and managing cost, schedule and quality, you can trust Hargo to handle your project skillfully and expediently. If you have a Buildings or Infrastructure construction program, let us help you deliver a quality project within budget and schedule.

• Cost Modeling
• Benchmarking
• Program Budget
• Risk Analysis

• Detailed Estimating
• Cost Management
• Scheduling
• Value Engineering

• Procurement Strategies
• Market Surveys
• Quantity Surveys
• Cost/Bid Analysis

• Construction Management
• Risk Management
• Change Avoidance
• Payment Progress Review